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Read shorts paragraph below and choose the best ending for each paragraph.

1.      How many clocks do you have in your home?  In today’s busy world, following schedules and being on time are an important part of  ______________.
a. serious study                 b. good health            
c. daily life                        d. reasonable spending
2.      The great thing about having a laptop computer is that it’s portable; consequently, I can take it with me ________________.
a. on time                           b. nonstop                  
c. anywhere                        d. real time
3.      The sun clocks divide daytime into equal ______________.
  1. units of time                    b. deep shadows                   
  1. parts of minutes               d. timing functions
4.      If we take the bus to school, it will take an hour.  Let’s take a taxi instead.  It’ll only take twenty minutes and we’ll  ______________.
a. kill time                         b. save time                
c. show time                      d. take time
5.      I’ve just met a wonderful woman, and I have fallen head over heels in love with her.  I think she may be my ______________.
a. advisor                           b. friend                     
c. helper                             d. soul mate
6.      You can learn the true nature of a person by watching how he or she treats other people.  A person who is kind and giving to family and friends will be kind and giving toward  ______________.
a. her                                 b. him                         
c. you                                d. them  
7.      You need to know that you share a common purpose in life with your partner.  You and him or her should have  ______________.
a. enough time                   b. good ideas              
c. similar goals                  d. healthy lifestyle
8.      Flowers play an important role in most weddings.  Roses are said to be the flowers of love, and because roses usually bloom in June, this has become the most popular month for  ______________.
a. culture                           b. party                       
c. travel                             d. weddings
9.      In Turkey, when a woman gets married, her female friends write their names on the inside of the bride’s shoes.  After the wedding, if someone’s name has rubbed off and cannot be read, it is said that this person will be the next to  ______________.
a. afford                            b. appear                     
c. dream                            d. marry               
10.  At night, I usually get into bed and relax then  ______________.
a. get out of bed                b. fall asleep               
c. stay awake                     d. have breakfast
11.  Stress can cause health problems.  Whenever I’m late for class, I get nervous and I feel sick.  Also, if I spend too much time thinking about how much work I have to do, I get ______________.
a. a low payment               b. a headache             
c. low grades                     d. into troubles
12.  Engines require fuel for their operation.  Similarly, our body needs food for its  ______________.
a. thought                          b. growth                    
c. anti-body                       d. stomach
13.  He wanted to save money; therefore, he repaired his car ______________.
a. surprisingly                    b. for many times       
c. without delay                 d. by himself
14.  This facial lotion can protect skin sensitive to  ______________.
a. animal                            b. softness                  
c. windy                             d. sunlight
15.  The theme or the main point of a story should be clear to the  ______________.
a. readers                           b. writers                    
c. newspapers                    d. messages
16.  Just after World War II, the cinema was the most popular form of entertainment.  By 1950, the number of cinema goers had been greatly reduced in competition with  ______________.
a. game                              b. newspaper              
c. radio                              d. television
17.  Training a dog to be a watchdog often produces unexpected results.  Some dogs cannot tell differences between strangers and ______________.
a. friends                            b. thieves                    
c. dogs                               d. watchers
18.  Biff Bicep is a serious body builder.  He tries to increase the size of his muscles by lifting weights.  He drinks special vitamin supplements to gain weight, and works out______________.
a. actively                          b. automatically          
c. normally                        d. possibly
19.  I have to go to the dentist’s this afternoon.  I need to be there at 3 o’clock, and I must not be more than five minutes late, or they will cancel my ______________.
a. arrival                             b. appointment                       
c. list                                  d. tooth
20.  Children under 16 years old must not work without a permission from their ______________.
a. bosses                            b. parents                    
c. friends                           d. classmates
21.  Matt and Jeff first came to a big city, San Francisco in 1980.  Both of them had grown up in small towns, but neither one enjoyed living in a small town.  They think there was not enough entertainment and  ______________.
a. excitement                     b. fresh air                  
c. farmland                        d. police stations
22.  Matt and Jeff decided to look for an apartment and live together.  They both thought that it would be cheaper and more fun to have   ______________.
a. a kitchen                        b. a house                   
c. a party                           d. roommate
23.  However, after Matt and Jeff moved in together, they found that there were a lot of differences between them.  Fortunately, their differences are less than their ______________.
a. difficulties                     b. possibilities             
c. similarities                     d. opportunities
24.  Although the population of Bangladesh is a little larger than that of Pakistan, its land area is a lot  ______________.
a. bigger                             b. smaller                    
c. greener                           d. higher
25.  Though English is spoken in many countries, English speakers don’t all speak quite the same kind of ______________.
a. English                           b. magic                      
c. truth                               d. feeling
26.  Chang and Eng were famous Siamese Twins.  The twins didn’t always get along.  While Chang was friendly and loved parties, Eng was very  ______________.
a. alcoholic                        b. popular                   
c. shy                                 d. wonderful
27.  If the climate in Alaska continues to grow warmer, the polar ice caps will begin to  ______________.
a. change                           b. melt                        
c. smell                              d. shape
28.  If you don’t eat your ice-cream cone quickly enough, you’ll have to ______________.
a. buy it                             b. drink it                   
c. check it                          d. water it

Anderson, J.N. Thomson.  Active: Skills for Reading.  Heinle Publisher.

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